Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thanks Hollywood for the Propaganda!

I really don't know where to start, but I guess it all has to do with watching the most recent religious movie of the year - Noah, starring Russell Crowe. To put it simply (at least at first in this blog), I don't know how I would have made it out of the theater without talking and laughing at the ridiculous exaggeration of an already complete story.
It seemed as though the director and writers felt like the Bible version wasn't dramatic or exciting enough, "so why not?! Let's just add a few giant rock monsters - nobody's ever seen that junk on the screen before!" And I thought that would be the only real discrepancy I had with the film, after all so many of my friends who saw it in theaters only brought the rock monsters/fallen angels up as a big issue. Nevertheless, Hollywood seemed convinced to unknowingly shock and blaspheme the world of movie goers even more by making Noah an absolute maniac, who actually just wanted everyone to die, and was surprised when God allowed one of his children to get pregnant (though the pregnancy was already a miracle produced by Methuselah).
There's far more strange things then this that trouble me about the interpretation - there incredibly modern clothes and backpacks that could be sold in American Eagle outfitters today, or their sudden advancements of metal workings, showing welding and tempering techniques only understood and available thousands of years later, to name a few. But to make this movie worse an experience, was to openly discuss with friends during and after the showing how impossible and dreadfully unrealistic everything was, and to still have one of them declare that "it could be possible, we just don't know everything about the past, and can never know it for sure..."
WHAAAAAT!!! Modern life as we know it today has enough reflection of the past that we even without a scholar present can put together simple strokes of linear, and at times dynamic progression, not to mention utter logic that people didn't always have such things as buttons for their shirts, or flippin' skinny-jeans or welding helmets until the future!
Yet of course, and once again it seems obvious that Hollywood, like any powerful media tool, can suck many into its realm of "I don't know, and no one knows" dogma thanks to its blatantly popular propaganda filled spectacle.
What I'm trying to say is that the movie industry now seems to want to make scriptural, cultural, and holy records of writing into the common fun, yet fictional blather we share today. Except, instead of Noah being as kind and full of integrity as Spider-Man, he's as common a lunatic as Loki - heck, even Wolverine has greater morality than this depiction of a great prophet, which scripture states was "a just man... perfect in his generation" of violent murderers (Moses 8: 27)
Yikes! My media intake was rough this week; beware of this specific movie genre, lol. Bible movies were so much better when Charlton Heston was around            

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