Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's HAAARD!!!

Okay so maybe it's not that hard, but blogging is an unusual task for me to try to enjoy. I don't hate doing it but i simply enjoy my spare time with other things sucking up my modern life of media power - heck, I barely use my Facebook other than posting pictures and sending messages here and there. I don't care to inform people about what's on my mind. I guess I feel like if they really want to know about me and my mind they'll get up off their butts and away from their computers to meet me. I mean I already do the same thing for them.
However, this kind of blogging away from my Facebook is better. Not everyone can jump on and find out what I'm rambling about and not everyone can get as offended about what I say. Goodness, I already offend some people enough when I open my mouth - so I guess this kind of media 'shout-out' is okay. It still takes a bit of effort for others to search this page out, and it takes more time for them to read my blathering dialogue.
But in truth, the biggest thing about blogging that bothers me is who in the world thought it up?! think about it - who sits down one day and says, "good heavens, I want everyone to know what I'm thinking! Journaling is not sufficient; wait for me to die for people to care about my writing? No way!!!" I can understand journal writing though, I almost feel like that kind of writing is more valuable, but becoming more and more forgotten, and what a mistake that is.
Yup, I value my journal more than I do this... and I feel just fine about that :-)


  1. I totally agree. Even when I care what I have to say, sharing it on a blog is hard especially since this isn't the first place I think of when I want to talk about what I'm thinking about.

  2. I agree Ian. I'm not into media in general. I don't spend time on Facebook, I don't like Pinterest, I don't watch TV, play video games, or blog all that much. People may think I'm hard to please, but I really enjoy simply interacting with people. Is that too much to ask? I want to get to know them through hanging out, not Facebook stalking them. That's weird.
    Also your blog post inspired me to write a post about why I hate most mainstream media. Bring it on!