Friday, September 19, 2014

"Oh, those Canadians"

Well it needs to come out sometime - yes, I am Canadian and I'm proud to be. Yet I'm living in the United States because I love this country and am proud of it too. I grew up learning the history of this country just as well as I did my own, and well, I also learned British and French history because that's just how polite and awesome we Canucks are, lol... jk... sort of.
But anyway, yes, I grew up loving George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and even JFK, learning all the history, sacrifices, and momentous changes that even affect the entire world. Nevertheless, with now living in the States for 5 years I think I might have figured out why Americans themselves remain so oblivious, and rude at times about other countries (especially my own) - the media makes other nations look quite stupid and obsolete against the mighty USA.
Now this isn't every piece of local media, lots of American movies today poke fun at their own people, whether as tourists or Southern folk (and I mean nothing bad against anyone in saying this myself); but there are simply far more movies, TV shows, and other outlets that express Canadians as a bunch of uneducated "How ya doing, eh?" drones, or British as bad teeth, weird humor dudes, or French as arrogant snobs with nothing to praise about their wine-bibber country.
This is simply sad to me and I'm wondering what others think of this; if I'm confused or overstepping my bounds as someone living in your lovely country (which is full of so much beauty and goodness), then please forgive me. However, Canada is gorgeous, and a place everyone should go see - Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Saskatoon, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, and Prince Edward Island to name a few.
O' I love my country and this country too, but America's top hat (aka Canada) simply makes it look better; and we're right behind you Yankees on most of your decisions, so lets all just get along!
Check out some pics of my beloved home-country:

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