Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oooooh... the music! THE MUSIC!!!

It's a very strange thing for me to listen to music, so much of it I enjoy, and yet so much more I can't stand. But this isn't to say I can't try to enjoy it, I love most genres. It's just that when it's only heavy metal, or only country, or only The Beatles, or only Disco, or Techno, or movie themes, or whatever, I get sick of it - I love variety! Yes, all of that golden sound seeming as one flow of melody and emotion. And sometimes I love going from one feeling to the next; not all sad, not all angry, or happy, but all the good stuff together.
What's even more interesting is that I haven't though this kind of taste has been effected or influenced by the media. Nevertheless, I realized recently after watching a movie with some friends (Rush Hour, which has a great combination of tunes) that it was the mixed audio track linked to each visual moment which resonated such a happy union upon my ears. I therefore being the movie lover and critiquer I am simply enjoys the rest of my life in the same way - a perfectly flowing visual and auditorial slice of peace and joy-filled life that also has the beautiful struggle and anguish made into dynamic sense through triumph.
Indeed, I am a product of the media I love... well there's only one thing to do when such a reality is made clear - show an examples of my favorite stuff I listen to (no matter the combination, just so long as it's not repetitious):
Image result for moby 18Image result for Phil Collins Hits]At Last! (Remastered), Etta JamesImage result for 4 cd catalogue setImage result for ceremonials florence and the machineThe Best of: Crash Test Dummies, Crash Test DummiesJourney: Greatest Hits, JourneyMad Mad World, Tom CochraneAll Their Greatest Hits: Disc One 1991-2001, Barenaked LadiesTime Peace - The Rascals' Greatest Hits, The Rascals

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