Sunday, November 2, 2014

Music during Homework

I had read on another student's blog that they did this sort of thing - actually several women reported doing their homework while music played. I had never truly done it unless it was new music or un-engaging music, and only unless it was a menial task of homework (like coding or transcribing).
However, I've been trying it (even now as i write about it on this blog there is music playing) and I have to say that it's still a bit of a challenge for me. I worry that my words aren't as focused as they could be, yet I also feel a little more active in my mind, not as much of a struggle in words. I don't feel this is because of the choice in music (hymns) that I'm listening to, no, I just think it has to do with how all the media together makes me feel.
The music makes me feel calm, because of it's well known melodies and lyrics, and the blogging makes me feel a little anxious, because of it's direct power in displaying my mind for any public scrutiny. Nevertheless, the two combined are quite strange indeed - I feel less anxiety thanks to the music's calming effect, and I feel less pulling engagement toward the music because of the task at hand. It's strange to me and I'd love to hear what others feel or resonate during this same exercise of mind; does the music get distracting? Is there a type of song you must listen to and others you cant? Do you not think at all about these things I've expressed? Anything and everything would be wonderful to hear from anyone else about this matter...    

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