Friday, November 28, 2014

Text to Talk

It's a weird thing for me, I'm not a very common person in today's society. The first cell phone I ever got (my own first phone) was when I was 24 - I'm now 28. And to add upon that, in August I finally upgraded from a dumb phone to a smart phone (iPhone).
I know weird, huh? But not really for me.
I graduated high school back in 2004 and at that time I simply never needed or felt the need to get a cell phone. I was popular, well semi-popular, I had friends who were norms, jocks, goths, nerds, and of course geeks (my true identity). But the fact is that I had my parents home phone and email was barely used at the time, so when I heard about texting, or when it began to enter into the world, I thought it would be a fad. I mean I could see some value to its purpose, it knocks out the unnecessary formalities that sometimes set in with phone calls, or in person conversations that need only be quick quips, comments, or instructions.
However, and of course, texting is now a phenomenon - people in dating relationship, or wanting to be in one, pull their hair out in anticipation for the usually bland and un-characterized or emotionless blather of a few words which most are scared to stretch passed a sentence. "Oh no! I wrote too much!" or "Oh my goodness, what was I thinking! I should have taken more time to send it!" these and more are the stupid things individuals trouble themselves with.
But I for one must admit something... Texting is meant for the sole purpose of being with somebody later to talk face-to-face. What else is the point of texting? It's not the all-end-all way we communicate, it's merely a bridge, a gap, a convenience for heaven-sake!!!
So people, stop fussing over some dumb thing so say or demand to rewrite for an hour. Good-golly-miss-molly! Just send the text and we'll have a ball!
We text one another to talk to one another for real. Can you learn a lot about somebody through their texts? Not really, and if you're one who believes otherwise, well, you're gonna have a hard time finding true happiness midst your confusing sense of judgment.
We're all suppose to just get together, in real life, sit down, chat, share, touch, show affection, love, and emote through the craziness of ourselves (in person) what we like, want to do, to have, to hold, etc., etc, etc....
So people, put down the phone and get together... like a bunch of hippies... except without the drugs and other junk... just the love... wholesome love... you all know what I mean!    

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