Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fashion!... and all that Expression!

Yes, I'm a man, and yes I also buy shoes for my feet, and yes I also get excited to wear them and showcase their new look. I don't know if women think men don't understand or they can't possibly feel the same way as them when they shop or put on new clothes, but I want to confirm that I at least do, and I am very far from being any kind of character "too femi" for other men to relate to - you see I feel very confident and comfortable in my heterosexual lifestyle to illustrate for any female that I understand their own enjoyments of prancing proclaimed styles.
Clothes are fun, and they're a source of media, they are a source of showing off who we are thanks to the materialistic form of displaying our agreement of gear and vestments. Fashion is just fun, and during Halloween it's even more fun to see what people drape upon themselves; I go for a fun look myself, a full Boba Fett costume with utility belt and jetpack items. Girls and boys enjoying dress-up time, and who wouldn't?! We can be someone else, or we can find out who we truly are, hence, it's like acting and we all act or put on a facade in someway or another. And I believe this isn't a bad thing, it's something we use, a tool to see through a glass darkly, interpret our complexities and give breathe and shouts of proclamation to who are and want to be.
No, I don't want to be the most dangerously famous intergalactic bounty hunter from Star Wars (i.e. Boba Fett), but I do want to give way to the fact that i love mystery, not seeing everything about someone (like most super heroes and people in general), and I of course just love the Star Wars movie franchise. However, to bring it all back and around, I do strongly believe that even the most scrooge of individuals, yes those who don't care for holidays like Halloween, seeing it as childish wastes of time, have at least once or twice in their lives absolutely loved dressing-up or pretending to be someone or something they looked up to or wanted to be like. Even if they didn't grow up with such opportunities, I still think that any child and any adult if given the proper education of what fashion is, they would enjoy it.
There's nothing wrong with fashion, no, there is only a problem with people using it to classify or boost their own egos that is the problem. True fashion is one that is to be for anyone to demonstrate and experience, it's a beautiful a media form as painting, or cooking, eating, film-making, etc. It's all expression, and I love it and welcome anyone to enjoy it from me   

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