Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's hard... part 2

So blogging is just hard for me, I've said it before, but I've really realized it's hard because I prefer doing other things in the media - lazier things. Heck, I even find playing a game or reading a book far easier than writing. Writing is so very engaging for me, I love it, yet I feel drained after; that's a good thing to feel the mental drain, it's another thing I love about writing, nevertheless, it takes a lot for me to get into the mood for it.
I guess what I've been thinking about this week is how weird it is for me to get in the mood for other things - it's way easier to do so,  just not with writing. Public writing like this in particular, or writing for the purpose of getting a grade, they're both straining and arduous to me because I putting myself on display. What if I don't say it the way I mean it? What if I change my mind about it? What if others don't like it and then don't like me after? What if I do it and I don't like me after? Or what if I simply fail and can't do any better than what I did?
It's amazing and disturbing to me in how much power we've given to this type of media, this socialization/measured media. I've wondered if there is a better way to grade people in school, other than exams and essays, and I've wondered if there are better ways to hear other individual's thoughts on things? If we could only judge and be judged on our minds and how they process, people could jump in and out... but wait, that would get really odd and messy. But do you see what I mean? We want to understand others, yet getting that invested in other's minds is going too far.
However, this is basically what our Heavenly Father, God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, do for us. If they can handle jumping in and knowing everyone's minds and intentions, shouldn't we be able to do the same?
For now writing and reading other individual's expressions, dialogue, essays, blogs, etc. is all that we have. And so I'll continuing straining and stretching myself toward this media use... it feels good to finish this blog :-)    

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