Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Walking Dead-head

This show is addictive... nuff said... okay, I'll write some more. But yeah, this show is great, I love it! Nevertheless, I feel some episodes I lower my standards to endure; tonight's episode for instance had a sex scene in it. They didn't show anything, but that strongly alluded the procedure - grunts and other sounds, yikes!
I guess I watch and like the show because these kinds of scenes, and the obvious gore-fest, are not the real reason to enjoy the content. No, it's more about the group of main characters that live on, Rick Grimes and his family especially, who see themselves becoming like the walking dead. All the killing, and true-blue violence of their world, Rick's son Carl grows distant toward him, and to see their redemption, to see other characters with faith in God help them, it just feels satisfying.
The show no matter what is intense, I know that I justify it's value. I do the same with LOST and Prison Break - I like good entertainment. But one show that doesn't really drop my values is Fringe, I would completely suggest this series to anyone. It's themes and subjects are far from sexual or violent, it chooses to rather deal in the sci-fi/bizarre realm, a true piece of wholesome fiction. It involves a thoroughly intriguing female protagonist (an FBI agent), an abnormal doctor/scientist space-case/genius, and his estranged son (and their relationship together and between reality and myth). Dr. Who is a similar show in nature and recommendation, yet you need to understand a bit of British humor and cinema to ground your appreciation.
Anyway, here are the posters for the shows, if anyone is interested. I've included The Walking Dead, though I don't know if I can endorse it fully... but I can't help loving it:

 Fringe (2008) Poster    Doctor Who (2005) Poster    The Walking Dead (2010) Poster

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