Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great gameplay, but...

So I enjoy playing video games, I find it as harmless as enjoying a frequent TV series or keeping up with a movie franchise. It is more engaging though and I can understand and completely comprehend its obsessive capacity detracting individuals from better things in life, such as more pro-social activities and behaviors. Nevertheless, I have a Nintendo game system and use it once and awhile for different forms of my down-type after school, homework, work, or internships; I really love especially having friends over and playing games together. It's the exact same as playing a board game when that happens, so no worries on what I'm going to say next, okay...
But I first need to establish that I was simply looking one day on a game site to find potential pieces of down-time I may be interested in investing toward. I found one that had recent reviews and gameplay trailers making it look absolutely intriguing - a female leading character filled with saucy attitude and strong action orientated tactics. The demo was free to play and I entreated a few minutes of my time upon it. It's mechanics were incredible, to say the least. Each button had a purpose and those purposes were so much fun. I had to get this game! And yet I had to find out more about it also.
Now this is when the sad part comes up because no sooner did I look up more about this game that I found it was very sexualized beyond its detailed reviews and demo. Yes, the main character wasn't as acceptable a figure as I hoped, and in fact the creators surrounded her with very vulgar male and female counterparts who spewed out consistent profanity (not just the average swears we hear in movies, no, the f-word and the Lord's name in vain).
It shocked me at first, and then I surprised myself for quite awhile this past week - I justified buying the game. Surely it can't be all that bad? I can just skip the inappropriate cut-scenes; and what a sad thing it would be if I had to miss out on such gameplay... WHAT?!
Yeah, I caught myself just in time. I couldn't believe how easily I almost slipped into an addictive behavior toward this type of media. Is this really worth investing hours of time in, and is it worth showing off as something I recommend or broadcast as a part of me?
It was really hard to get out of it not only because of gameplay though; the franchise also included the first chapter of the game, so it was really two games in one. A great deal was there to turn down as well, and all of us love saving money and getting more for our money than we asked for.
However, anyone other than me really can get easily pulled down this same river of materialism and justification of wants and pseudo needs, not only with video games, but also in the movies and shows we suck our eyes onto. I'm glad I somehow jumped away from my absorbing lust for entertainment to see this during the week.
I know there is so much more I need to rethink with my life in and around what I choose to entertain; if it's that easy with this, its been that easy before.
Oh and this is a picture of the game I'm talking about so anyone can know of the warning I give against it. Great gameplay, but... it's not worth justifying a moral compass of who I am and what I enjoy
p.s. I know the picture below shows a very obvious sign of sexuality, but I had only seen the digital demo pic, and that was just a stamped image of the character's face.
(I'm also including an image of the previous game in the series available on other platforms, they are both blatantly labelled M for mature, but promoted toward any adult).

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