Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's talk SPORTS!

Okay, there needs to be a disclaimer before I begin: first of all, I love sports. I absolutely enjoy playing baseball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee; I also enjoy my fair share of flag, touch, and tackle football, and the occasional game of basketball (well really just the few different games of hoops with family or friends).
However, I don't really watch sports... yes, I know, shocking! How can this be?! A male that doesn't spectate nor care for any team of sports - is something the matter with him?!
On the contrary, I simply grew up in a household where my father worked as a Master-of-control in our local TV station; when he would get home he didn't want to watch sports or other programs, he wanted to spend time with us, his children and wife.
Now let me explain again, I don't truly have a deep care for watching sports, nevertheless, I do really enjoy watching games if I'm with a good group of friends and there's food, lol. One of my dreams is to go to a BYU game and sit and eat in the box seats, maybe meet a few Apostles and be completely absorbed in the atmosphere of the stadium, yet be so wonderfully comfortable in a leather chair - not a dreadfully metal bench.
So, I love sports, but I find it a unique circumstance to go out of my way and watch them, especially these 4 to 5 hour football games, yikes! I grew up in Canada and most hockey games only go a little past 2 hours (the same as most films); so for me to give more time than what I give to my greatest love in life (the cinema), it has to be really, really, really, really special... or it just needs to have lots of great food that I can stand up and away from the TV or stadium view from to go eat and change the pace - am I really that strange of a guy?

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