Friday, October 24, 2014

We are truly spoiled

The majority of movies and TV shows we enjoy these days are simply some of the best ever made. Take Lost, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, the Avenger and X-Men movies, The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hunger Games Saga, and almost every Disney/Pixar and Christopher Nolan movie, just for an example - these are expensive pieces of work, and yet they don't let down, surprisingly.
It's just so funny then that when a not so good TV series or movie comes out that everyone basically is able to tell the difference. Like when Ryan Reynolds showed his face as the new (and "should have been good because of concept") Green Lantern movie, it wasn't hard for anyone to see how much of a lower quality piece of entertainment with its acting, spectacle, and plot were in comparison to what came before it.
And this is of course the same for with some of the shows I watch on TV, especially those my roommates dabble with just as I'm walking after a long day of school and internships. Shows like Arrow, The Blacklist, Agents of Shield, and yes even Once Upon A Time lack a quality of filming/storytelling I can't always put my finger on. I can't stand the cheap camera angles and low-budget beats of scenes that showcase how pathetic a film education the cinematographer must of had, and how lazy the studio must of been in hiring them to save a few bucks. Like come on, quality always pays off.
I also then can not enjoy some female protagonists thrust into these meandering tales of Chuck Norris action and the cruely unrealistic love stories. Shows don't always need to be about the lovey-dovey-ness of love.
And unfortunately, unless they act as good as Evangeline Lilly, Anna Torv, Lauren Cohan, Scarlet Johannes, or Jennifer Lawrence - and hate me for saying it but Once Upon A Time is so far from having an incredibly unique caliber of actress in their lineup. The majority of actors involved in that project are the washed up folk that can't get anymore movie gigs after their 1999 splurge of teenage junk dream cinema.
So yeah, yikes! I'm spoiled... heck, we're all pretty dang spoiled; there's so much talent out there, whether in writing, acting, or directing/editing film, that I think everyone can truly see what I mean in some of these front running shows. If they don't keep up with the established pace, they'll inevitably be forgotten, thrown away, like the spoiled rotten vegetables on a couch we can become.
Of course this is always just my opinion...  

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