Monday, October 20, 2014

The Journal

I think Journal keeping is one of the greatest, yet sadly ignored pieces of media we have today. It's true that there isn't too much talk from people about Journals, other than the famous ones like ancient ancestors, forefathers, pioneers, and scriptures (if that's what you see them as, which I kind of do, except they're more inspired than my own drab on paper).
But seriously, a Journal can be your greatest friend; lots of people use TV shows, movies, and video games, or the frequent phone calls/texts to friends and family to ease their weary minds. A Journal though, is a book where you never need to worry about spelling mistakes, punctuation, form of language or any struggle of grammar or critique. It is simply your thoughts, your feelings, aspirations, and intentions on thin sheets of fabricated wood. I love it!
I don't have to care about what i put down, maybe someday someone will read it, and maybe they'll be shocked. Or maybe they'll read it and say, "Wow, Grandpa Ian (or Uncle Ian, or just Dad) went through the same stuff, and look how happy and whole he came out."
I have no deep intention or invitation for anyone to read what I've settled to put down from my mind into a messianic mess of a book/history. Yet i would be honored to help anyone so I continue to write in my Journal, like the free spirit I am far from being (especially if that refers to a hippy way of life, lol). It just feels so good to be fully honest at least on those pages. Besides, who else is willing to hear the blather of our emotional minds, it takes too long for friends and family sometimes, and a Journal is like a good family dog - always willing to take a walk with you down memory lane.        

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