Saturday, October 4, 2014

The stuff I had as a kid was better - isn't it?

It simply feels like entertainment, and humor especially have changed. I remember when comedians were all trying to be Bill Cosby or Jerry Seinfeld; now everyone, whether telling a joke, making a kids cartoon, or selling something on a commercial draws their ques from Napoleon Dynamite. I mean, what the heck!
Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy Mr. Dynamite, on the contrary, that was one of the first movies I went blind into the theater for (cool thing to do by the way - what it means is you go into the movie never seeing anything on it, trailers, magazine or internet articles or reviews, etc., just going and seeing it). Anyway, yeah, I though the movie was genuinely strange, and funny, but weird and absolutely original. And now everyone from Progressive Insurance to Miracle Whip is trying to make people laugh in this same way. To be honest though, it's getting quite inappropriate; kid shows I enjoyed as a kid, like Ducktales, Arthur, or Pinky and the Brain just seem so much more incredible in style and creativity then let's say, oh I don't know, Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time, or Sponge-bob (the new stuff not the first two seasons, lol).
Even stuff claiming to be as valuable to kids as some past works, such as Dora the Explorer or The Backyardigans, are annoying, repetitious, and dreadfully crippling to most adult brains not wanting to melt in their cranial cavities while trying to co-view this junk.
However, there is better stuff nowadays than there ever was back in my childhood, and even youth. Take Brian Regan, he's a famous comedian committed to staying clean, with Bill Cosby as his idol. Or Sesame Street as another example - it now is way more concerned with teaching immensely powerful social lessons to children, which I never thought to share myself with my future offspring. Whether about race, harsh and hush-hush diseases, and sexual insecurities (no Bert and Ernie are NOT gay, they're still friends who resemble Jim Henson and Frank Oz as college roommates, like Kermit and Fozzy).
Anyway, if you have any other examples, list them in the comments - I guess I'm saying that what we all grew up with is great stuff, there is obviously good throughout all time, timeless stuff has always existed. But today we have value and profound progression as well. And thank goodness for that... and thank goodness for retro-Saturdays and rerun capabilities    


  1. I agree, the stuff I had as a kid is way better than what is out there now!

  2. I agree with you about the things they have today. So many kid shows seem so pointless and meaningless. The teenagers constantly fight with their parents and it is just full of drama. Education is slowly being cut out of most shows. I grew up on arthur and cyberchase and I loved it. But society is truly deteriorating.

  3. This is very interesting. I was watching disney channel the other day with my nephew and I was shocked by how many times they took the Lords name in vain so casually in an early adolescent tv show. I guess the world has just different priorities and they continue to change. However, I do LOVE adventure time, for the soul purpose that it amazes me how writers can come up with the most bizzare stories and characters

  4. I concur Ian! In this present day it just seems that comedy continues to spiral down into the gutter. Not saying that everything is that way because I find myself laughing at jokes that may be considered "on the edge." BUT...I think it's harder to find a good wholesome TV program than it is to find "risque" TV shows (with the exception of KBYU TV)(haha).