Sunday, October 26, 2014

What I look for

If anyone knows anything about me, well at least the more respectful, dignified side of me, is that I love old books. Something about hardcover copies of Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Brothers Grimm, Homer, and so many more make me feel absolutely content in sitting down in a comfy couch, beside a nice lamp, to simply read. Don't get me wrong, I love newer works of literature, but I guess I just feel like something is in the older stuff that makes me feel so cultured when I choose classic over popular, lol.
But somehow it's even easier for me to choose spiritual text to read over anything else. This isn't only scriptures I'm talking about, no, I'm also talking about James E. Talmage's work and even C.S. Lewis's masterpieces - and in saying that, I also have to admit that in any type of story I look for Christ-like figures. I guess their's just something some authors, especially older ones, know over others - Joseph Campbell (the great author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces) said it was archetypes, such as the hero, the caregiver, the rebel, the jester, the sage, and etc. So the Christ-like character is an important one I definitely look for, and I think then that depictions of the Messiah figure are everywhere then, and make a story complete for me.
Heck, I'm not a big Harry Potter fan yet that series has reflections of the Savior in it with Snape, Dumbledore, and Harry. Aslin in the Chronicles of Narnia is an easy one to spot, but even Gandolf, and the Ghost of Christmas Present are simple enough to spot. Now I'm a lover of modern mythology as well and it's different forms or mediums of interpretation, so stories made specifically for cinema, like Star Wars, or comic/graphic novel, like X-Men and Superman, I believe have Christ in them also. Obi-wan Kenobi, Charles Xavier, and Clark Kent are perfect examples of this.
The story and struggle of salvation and search for forgiveness is an important one to me, so I guess I can't help looking for it and loving it when I find it. But if anyone else feels the same let me know, I'd enjoy seeing if others do the same.  

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